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Welcome to David Keenan design, I work with companies to deliver web design soltuions, photography and grapgic design.

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Graphic design

I offer graphic design for mobile applications, websites and general advertising.

Web Design

I work with companies to improve their conversions through effective web design.


I offer photography services and work with both companies looked for high quality imagery and photographers.


A design with an end goal in mind.


Get your excellent web design discovered by more.


Conversions mean profit and profit means a succesful business.

Dev System

I have years of experience in web design and work to ensure the product meets your spec.


My support doesn't end with your web design, I provide support for tweaks, upgrades and new features.


Ensure your design works true data, I work with all major analytical services to get you up and running.

Customers reviews


David knew exactly what it took to deliver a successful web design, and since work completed on our casino page we have seen excellent conversion improvements.
We knew how important high quality images were to our business and David provided excellent imagery that we instantly saw benefits from. We plan to use his web design services in the near future.
John Meade

Digital Solutions
Boost your Success

Get the best results today for your business with a crisp, efficient web design.

Why Graphic Design Matters


Graphic design – it’s something that’s incredibly easy to overlook, but this can actually have a significant influence on your business in many different ways. So, from website design to marketing materials and more, we’re taking a quick look at why graphic design matters so much – and how a professional design team can help take your business to the next level, too.

Why Graphic Design Matters

There are numerous different reasons that graphic quality matters, and keeping these in mind could help you determine the most effective approach for your business’s design. Just a handful of the most prominent points here include the following.

Conform with Your Branding

Your business’s branding is highly influential when it comes to the look and style of your firm. Indeed, a consistent brand helps convey professionalism to customers, making it much more likely for them to trust you accordingly. In line with this thought, ensuring that your business’s graphic design is carefully selected to meet your established branding is essential.

Capture Viewers’ Attention

When it comes to graphic design, one of the most pivotal goals is to capture the viewer’s attention. Indeed, as explained by WebFX, the average visitor only spends 5.94 seconds looking at your website’s main image. That’s not a lot of time at all to capture their attention and hook them – so getting the graphics right is critical at this stage to prevent viewers and visitors from looking elsewhere.

Furthermore, good graphic design should also keep the viewer interested and hooked on your content. In turn, this helps prevent them from looking elsewhere and ultimately getting bored or disinterested in the site.

Show Viewers the Correct Information

Making sure that your website visitors find the information they need quickly and easily is crucial – especially given that, as stated by Finances Online, the total attention space for web users (on average) is only 6.8 seconds. In that time, you need to make sure that the viewers don’t bounce and go elsewhere; as such, effective graphic design is critical in this case to ensure that viewers are able to find the information they need in that minute window of time, keeping them on the page and increasing the chances of conversions in turn.

Increase Conversions

As we’ve briefly alluded to, strong graphic design is paramount for increasing conversions in your business. Indeed, by hooking the viewer’s interest, keeping them on the site, and directing them to relevant products or services, excellent UX can potentially increase conversions by up to 200%, as expressed by Sketch Desk. This is hugely significant for the business’s overall profitability and cash flow, making excellent graphic design a valuable investment to consider overall.

Final Thoughts

Graphic design might be easy to overlook when it comes to your business, but doing so can have potentially devastating consequences for your brand. In line with this thought, today’s guide has covered a few things you should know about graphic design; however, if you need any further input, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team to see how we might be able to help.

Prepare the future

A modern web design will lead to improved results as more and more visitors move to mobile platforms.





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