Web design is a niche that is being filled more and more by innovative and intuitive tools. Today, web design is made simpler and easier than ever. Gone are the days when you wouldn’t be able to even get started without hiring a professional. With around 27,000 web design services registered around the world, you can see how much demand there is for it.

Today, you can do it yourself, often entirely for free. So, with that in mind, we’re going to look at some of the best free web design services, and help you get started designing the perfect site.

Let’s get started.

  1. Wix

Let’s start with one of the more well-known services: Wix. Wix provides cloud-based web dev services, letting you create HTML5 websites as well as mobile sites, with really simple and intuitive drag and drop tools. Like many such services, there is of course a premium option which comes with costs. But the basic service, which is still more than adequate for most purposes, is entirely free.

Give Wix a try for free.

  • Weebly

Whether you want to publish a blog, run an online store, or do just about anything with your website, Weebly is another great choice for free web design. It’s really easy to use, and allows anyone to create easy, attractive sites in no time. Like Wix, the service runs by drag and drop, which is one of the most intuitive web design methods out there.

Weebly also offers a wide variety of premium services, but the available features on offer for free is pretty eye-watering, too. It’s certainly worth considering Weebly.

  • Strikingly

Web design needs are extremely varied, and so for many people, all they really need is a single page website. That’s where Strikingly comes in. Strikingly is one of the best services for building a website that only requires a single page. It’s really simple and easy to use even without any web design experience and is best for sites that will be viewed on mobile and tablet devices.

It allows you to build your website fast and easy, without any complicated features.

  • Webnode

Webnode is a service with three main types of site on offer: personal websites like blogs, business sites for organisations, and sites for e-commerce. It runs on virtually any typical desktop browser and allows you to build websites through the drag-and-drop feature. Again, this makes building the site really easy and intuitive, and it’s free options are more than enough to keep your site busy and engaging. 

  • SimpleSite

What’s great about SimpleSite is that they are, as far as they say, the only web design service with fully supported in-mobile editing. This means that you can build your site from your mobile device, and you don’t need to be up at a desktop computer. Everyone works differently, and so for many, this could be the difference between getting the site done in a day or in two weeks!

As the name suggests, SimpleSite also prides itself on the simplicity of its services. You can build simple, straightforward websites without a lot of fluff and unnecessary features. If you just need a basic site, this is a great choice.

You are certainly not short on choice, then. Whether you need a solid mobile site, a simple, bare bones operation, or something more complex and involved, there is a free web design service out there for you. And don’t be intimidated by the process, either. If there’s one thing these modern services do, it’s make it easy for anyone to design a webpage.